CS-RW-RL Success Stories - Posted by Don

Posted by Matt B on April 22, 1999 at 14:53:30:

If you watch over in Newsgroup I, you’ll see me bragging quite often about the deals that I’m doing. I have exclusively used Ron LeGrand’s materials in my real estate business. I guess I should also mention that I started out by buying Lonnie Scruggs’ books on mobile homes.

I have had TONS of success using Ron’s materials. I just got FIVE lease option prospects TODAY using his ads and materials! I am buying my new home on a lease option for about 65% of what it’s worth. It is a beautiful house in a beautiful neighborhood. I am buying with NO money down, paying HALF of market rent for the area monthly, and I have TRASHED credit! I was supposed to turn around and lease option it back out, (wouldn’t have taken more than a couple of days, this is a beautiful area) but my fiance fell in love with the place, and made me keep it for us!!

I bought Ron’s 3 “Cash Flow” at the convention for $949. They have paid for themselves far too many times over to calculate!

CS-RW-RL Success Stories - Posted by Don

Posted by Don on April 20, 1999 at 20:20:37:

I am looking to touch base with a few people who have had any type of success with either the CS,RW or RL courses.
I recently attended a RW seminar and found it to be very informative but I was really turned off by the way they arrived at their pricing. ie:$995 for the course and $3750 for the 3 day training program and out of the 1000 people who attended only 25 vouchers could be used towards a discount and out of those 25, 18 of those would get an additional discount. Anyway, any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.