Current status of doing Lonnie deals in Texas? - Posted by Sally Moreno

Posted by Sally Moreno on September 08, 2003 at 24:39:10:

I’m in Dallas, TX area and was excited to start learning about doing some “Lonnie Deals”. Then I did a search for Texas here on this forum just to see what people were saying about the area, and I read all sorts of stuff about how it’s very difficult to do here, some say it’s practically impossible, all this junk about “new rules” and laws, etc. etc. But the thing is, most of the posts were from 2001 etc. and I can’t figure out how to search for newer posts. I spent over 2 hours reading the first 12 pages of results and seem to be going nowhere fast. If anyone out there is in Texas and doing Lonnie deals would you mind posting a brief overview of what’s what in Texas in regards to doing these deals in 2003. Thanks!