Deal #2 - Posted by Donna in AZ

Posted by Donna in AZ on May 27, 2007 at 20:15:49:

Very excited today - deal #2 appears to be happening!

I have an option to buy a 55+ 12x60 2 bd 1 bth for $1500 (the option cost me $20), and I got a contract for a cash buyer for $3000 today, with $200 earnest money.

I think I like these 55+ parks, even in the summer in AZ!

Of course she still has to qualify with the park, and the closing date is June 8, so it’s not a done deal, but it’s exciting all the same.

It’s great to have a place to share this news with people - I danced a little jig today!

Time to find deal #3.

Donna in AZ