Dear REI Diary... - Posted by Mark Chicago

Posted by evelyn on February 23, 2001 at 07:58:31:

GOOD LUCK. Happy investing!!!


Dear REI Diary… - Posted by Mark Chicago

Posted by Mark Chicago on February 13, 2001 at 12:41:30:

Wednesday, February 13, 2001

Dear REI Diary:

After reading CRE Online for almost 2 years now, I?ve decided to take the plunge and start with wholesaling and retailing. First of all, I really appreciate all the help and advice and most of all the camaraderie that you all have given on this site. I am ready.

Why didn?t I start sooner? I thought I could make more money in my previous life as an internet consultant. I made a bit, but couldn?t handle the stress. Since then, I?ve been itching to get back in the ?game? and I feel that I?m ready to hit the ground running, never to look back. ?Ain?t never gonna breaka my stride? ain?t no one gonna slow me down!?

I?ve gotten a partner to go out and look for ugly houses, vacant houses, FSBO?s, and listed houses ( ack! REALTORS!). He?s been taking pictures and taking notes on houses. We?re working a specific area with a lot Polish people selling, and a lot of Mexicans buying.

This past weekend, we?ve gotten 1 FSBO and 11 listed leads for which I?m going to throw out some offers. I?m going to call the FSBO to find out why they?re selling. From what the house looks like, the yard has scrap wood and it looks vacant! It still has a Christmas wreath on the front door! I think this is a GREAT lead. I?m really excited about this house, but I don?t want to get my hopes up too high. I haven?t even talked to the owner yet. But I feel that I?m SO close to payday? splitting $5 to $10K with my partner would do me very nicely? ; ) filet mignon, baby potatoes, a pint (or two, or three?) of Guinness, chocolate cake, cappuccino?a happy girlfriend?. ACK! BACK TO REALITY! I have to make the phone calls first!

On the listed houses, I?m going to call the Realtors today so that they can fax me the info on these houses. I got my Efax set up to email all the faxes to my computer. Automation ( I believe ) is the key to success! Wish me luck!

Stay Tuned?