Differences in Ron LeGrand's courses? - Posted by Bethany

Posted by Ted Trunnels on March 09, 2000 at 10:53:08:

Bethany, I have the “Fast Cash with Quick-turn” and I’ve seen the “L/O Cash Flow System”. The Cash Flow System is a more in-depth, start-to-finish course. The Fast Cash is similar to a beginner or starter course. You get 6 tapes, a few contracts to get started, as well as telephone scripts and handyman worksheets. The more in-depth course comes with all this and much more. 10 tapes not 6. If your looking for advice as to which one to get, I highly suggest spending the extra money and getting the full, by-the-hand course. If I stumble with my investing, you can bet I will be getting the “Cash Flow Systems”. By the way, there are three “Systems” by LeGrand and if you can get a package deal for all of them, INVEST in all of them. Well worth the money and the first deal you do will more than pay for the systems!
Good Luck!

Differences in Ron LeGrand’s courses? - Posted by Bethany

Posted by Bethany on March 09, 2000 at 08:20:36:

Hello everyone.

I am researching which Lease Option course to buy and I noticed that there are a few of Ron LeGrand’s courses on EBay.

Does anyone know what the difference in Ron’s “Lease / Option Cash Flow System” as offered here on CREOnline and the one on EBay titled “Fast Cash With Quick-Turn Real Estate”?

Thanks to all!