difficulty taking title in California? - Posted by kathy

Posted by Gavin Wilkinson on August 06, 2003 at 18:52:39:

I just finished transfering title for two mobile homes in California. I have done two 500 mile trips to the mobile home center in Riverside, dozens of phone calls and am still not completely done.

These are the problems:

Because it is so hard, the titles are all screwed up when you get into the situation. I hear “oh yeah, thats my ex wife”, “oh yeah, I paid the bank years ago…”, “oh yeah, that is all the papers you need.”

The state does not care if the title is screwed up. They act as if they are doing you a favor while they give you the run around.

The way to get around it is to put the problem on the seller. Just tell the seller, “I will rent the trailer out now, and when the papers are in order, then you can get your money.” Then when they mess around it is to your advantage.

difficulty taking title in California? - Posted by kathy

Posted by kathy on August 04, 2003 at 23:15:08:

I’m just now starting my adventure into real estate investing (still in the reading books stage), and think I would like to specialize in mobile homes here in California. I have heard that it can takes months to finally get title because the system here is so screwed up. My mother, a mobile home owner, had to hire an attorney to get her title papers, even then it took her nine months to get the paperwork straightened out. This seems like a major drawback to investing in mobile homes here in California.

Anyone out there familiar with this problem? Any advice?