Direct Mail Program - Posted by breeves

Posted by breeves on April 02, 1999 at 08:52:48:

Has anyone had expericence with direct mail and using different type of mail pieces. I’m currently doing a mailing to out of towners targeting L/O with a one page letter that gives brief summary of L/O and the advantages, etc. I end the letter saying other options of purchase are available as well. My question is this-my letter is very plain in terms of formatting, no business letter head or logo’s and in black and white only. Has anyone tried to create a more professional image with color, logo’s, preprinted envelopes with company name, etc. Obviously the cost is substantial when you add color. My current piece costs about .45 cents, that would at least double with a substantial change. Actually I can add a letterhead and logo without color without any increase in costs. I have a mailing list of over 100,000 thousand so there is room to experiment. I know LeGrand states a two page out sells a one page and a three page out sell a two, etc. Also I’m wondering how often to repeat the mailing to the same addresses, every two or three months. Any substantially different result with a postcard versus a letter? Any advice or experiences would be appreciated.