Dirk...MH Newsletter info - Posted by Bob-MD

Posted by Dirk Roach on May 10, 2000 at 12:05:16:

Hi Bob,
Yes my Mobile Home newsletter is still alive and well. Basically it is a small 4 page newsletter set up like a little newspaper. Column form etc.
Currently I send out about 200 or so every other month. People who I have done a deal with, PM’s, etc.
It is market specific, being that the info is really just about were to find cheap milk, gasoline etc; Some Mobile Home repair tips, usually a contest of some sort (who has the most improved mobile home, they get $10.00 bucks off their next payment) etc.
Of course laced through out the newspaper are many articles of the “How would you like a hundred bucks” type (finder fees) etc.
The real reason for the newsletter is market penitration, when ever anyone thinks of mobile homes, in the parks that I deal with, I want them to think of me at the same time.

I use Publisher 98 to make it, using one of their basic newsletter templates. I like that program, because it walks you through everything.

Anyhow I hope that helps,

Dirk…MH Newsletter info - Posted by Bob-MD

Posted by Bob-MD on May 07, 2000 at 11:28:14:

Quite some time ago Dirk posted an idea he had for producing a newsetter for his MH customers on the other board. Had to do with fixing cars, cheap beer, PU trucks, etc. Could you post some current information on the newsletter if it is still being produced? Sounded like a great idea at the time but at that time I was not interested in MH. Now I am.