Dirk/other MHers- Think way, way, way, way, waaaaaay back. - Posted by Brad (TX)

Posted by DougO(NM) on February 10, 2000 at 09:53:53:

I know you are anxious to “get a deal done”, but don’t add un-needed stress to your experience in the name of deal doing. Just yesterday I was in a sellers kitchen, explaining why they should sell the home to any of those “other people” that are trying to get financed at the bank to buy their home, because they will have to do better on the price if I buy it. And I of course want them to get as much as they can. The seller’s shackee/significant other/etc said, thats our price, don’t try to get us to go down. And without even thinking, this is what came out of my mouth, “I don’t TRY to GET anyone to DO ANYTHING” I only want you to be aware that I am here, and I have cash to buy your home. I don’t need to TRY to get it from a bank. I realize you want your price, and thats fine. But please keep my card because as you know, things sometimes change. I seriously suggest you adopt this attitude as well. Make mom deal with the daughter, then you come back when that home is vacant and ready to go. You shouldn’t be anywhere around them during that procedure, let alone in the middle. It’s not worth it
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Dirk/other MHers- Think way, way, way, way, waaaaaay back. - Posted by Brad (TX)

Posted by Brad (TX) on February 10, 2000 at 08:49:53:

When you started in MH’s, were “the deals all over the place”? At times it sounds like you’ve got people beating down your door to sell you a cheap mobile home, but I’m sure this is NOT the case.

I suspect and hope your answer will be, “In the beginning, I thought the good deals were few and far between. But really, they were always there, it just took some experience before I could see them.”

Right now, I am looking for Lonnie Deals and they appear to be “few and far between”. I’m about to step between a Mother and Daughter just to get my first deal! Is it just me???

Re: Dirk/other MHers- Think way, way, way, way, waaaaaay back. - Posted by Kenneth

Posted by Kenneth on February 10, 2000 at 21:12:15:

Be patient. It’s amazing how all of sudden they will pop up. The only suggestion I have is to keep reading the classifieds and driving the parks. There is a street near my home that I used often. Then one day a MH that I don’t recall ever seeing all of sudden popped up and was for sale. I bought it and sold it in 12 days.

They come in 3’s - Posted by Tony-VA

Posted by Tony-VA on February 10, 2000 at 13:13:53:

I have found this to be true, and nearly all of the people I have worked with online seem to have proven this true. When you find the right park, you will find your first, true lonnie deal. When you do, you will find 3.

Patience and determination. Don’t allow yourself to except less and you will always find more.

Best Wishes,