Dirk Roach or others-What questions to ask a mobile home seller - Posted by Liz in PA

Posted by David Alexander on June 06, 1999 at 19:38:14:

Moving expenses, hook ups, leveling, setup etc. will end up put you over you $1500 mark even if you get it for free. As far as the sale goes, I would think you should be able to sell for more, hopefully a lot more, but price will depend on the park you plan on moving it to.

David Alexander

Dirk Roach or others-What questions to ask a mobile home seller - Posted by Liz in PA

Posted by Liz in PA on June 06, 1999 at 16:33:11:

I have read Lonnie Scruggs books. Is there anything you can point out to me? I need some advice. The ad reads like this Can be moved Has Wheels and Hitch: 2 Bedrooom mobile home 12x65 (color brown) Nice condition-As is $2000 "Negotiable
I am ready to make my first deal. My goal is to buy a mobile home for no more than 1500.00 and sell it for 500.00 down and $3000.00 on a primissory note.

I read the books now I need to know what to ask the Seller. I know to answer questions with a question. I also know to let the seller do a lot of talking while I shut up. And of course I will be taking lots of notes down.

What questions do I ask the Seller when I first call them? I know to ask why are they selling but WHAT ELSE do I have to ask?

Use Lonnie’s cheat sheet - Posted by Tony-Va

Posted by Tony-Va on June 07, 1999 at 18:52:05:

In the back of “Deals on Wheels”, there is a Mobile Home Info questionaire. Just check it off as you go. My wife and I keep a stack next to the phone. When talking to sellers, we simply listen and fill in the blank. Somewhere along the line, the people begin to divulge the pertinent info that provides insight into their motivation. This is when my wife has to make me shut up. She is a much better listener (go figure). She is able to get quite a bit of info about the sellers financial situation, but more importantly, their motivation.

For me the list fills the aweful void that can come at the beginning of the conversation when you are new at calling sellers. Honestly, most of the info pails in comparison to the sellers motivation. I like to take the info and set up a time to inspect the home and set down with the owner. Make sure it is the person who is on the title or you may waste a trip. However, our first mistake in spending a couple of hours with the owners girlfriend inspecting the house proved very fruitful. She has wanted to move for some time. Before he got home from work, she had dropped the price in half and had half his things packed. Upon meeting with him that night, we got an even lower price and he quickly signed on the dotted line

Use lonnies patented phrases, “if I could give you cash and sign a purchase agreement today, what is the absolute best price you could offer.” The walkaway phrase of “is that the best you can do” should prove very fruitful. If not, your sellers motivation may need more time to sit on the vine. Let those lot rents add up some more.

These Lonnie techniques have proved very interesting for me and my wife. They are quickly beginning to bare more and more fruit. I hope it never ends.

Good luck!!!