Discount title insurance - Posted by Kevin Subbert

Posted by Stacy (AZ) on March 20, 2001 at 22:52:23:

I don’t know what’s normal in your neck of the woods, but I deal with a title company that gives me “investor rates” on my buys and refis, but I make sure and take my sales there so they can make their full fee. You might want to get with an investor friendly title company…or ask the current one, “what gives?”


Discount title insurance - Posted by Kevin Subbert

Posted by Kevin Subbert on March 20, 2001 at 22:28:55:

Im refinancing a property that was bought in the last two years. In Bronchick’s Cash Cow course he stated that the title company will discount the policy if its done within X amount of years of the orgianal policy. My title company says that in TX its only on homestead properties. Is this the norm?

Kevin Subbert

Re: Discount title insurance - Posted by David Krulac

Posted by David Krulac on March 21, 2001 at 08:27:18:

here in Pa the title insurance is state regulated. There are 2 different rates the basic and the reissue.
The reissue rate is about 20% less and applies if you refi the same property the bring down rate is the reissue rate.
In addition, there is a further builder’s discount of 10% more. And at the title company I use they refund 100% of the premium to a builder if the home buyer goes through their company for title insurance. If you deal with one company and do volume, you should be able to negotiate some discount.