divorce/quit claim deed - Posted by Chantelle

Posted by River City on September 12, 2003 at 07:43:42:

He might “buy you out” but your name is still on the loan documents. And if he defaults, the lender can hold you liable for the payment of the loan. If you trust him to make the payments in a timely manner, go ahead. You can also have the judge make him solely responsible for the payment with an order in the final divorce decree. That way, if he doesn’t make the payments as agreed in the Note, then you have a defense.

You need to consult your attorney on these issues. Surely you have one!?!? Don’t make the mistake of using the same attorney he is using, as you want an attorney that is totally looking out for your interests in a situation such as this.

divorce/quit claim deed - Posted by Chantelle

Posted by Chantelle on September 11, 2003 at 11:16:22:

am going through a divorce, my husband wants me to sign a quit claim deed on our home so that I can get my share of the equity now as I desperatly need it. I will continue living in the home with a lease agreement until our daughter turns 18 in 4 years. He does not want to refinance the mortgage, he is just getting a seperate loan through his parents to “buy me out” What should I know about this?