Does the program work in San Antonio , TX area??????? - Posted by Jon

Posted by David P. Butler America’s Note Network on February 27, 2000 at 13:17:40:

Hello Jon,

It is important to recognize that any legitimate program can work anywhere in the United States, albeit, at any given time, it may work better than at other times. Much of your success will depend upon your ability to reason through the process on each deal, and the amount of time you have toward making your efforts payoff for you.

Obviously, if you have bad credit, you have a bigger hill to climb, but hundreds of people have managed it. In fact, if you just scroll down here a little bit, you will find several “war stories” illustrating that fact.

It might be helpful to review the archives at the top of this board as well, to review the extensive discussion that has been done on your two questions. Lot of good material from real life experiences, from regular people who have gone out and done it.

We all know someone who has struck paydirt on their first time out the of the chute - but, hey, we also know, or know of, a lot of people who have won the lottery too. Hasn’t happened for me yet!

For most of us, the success we have enjoyed in creative real estate investing has been a process of continual learning, and a determination to keep pounding away until things start happening. Many times the process itself seems to open up the opportunities sooner or later.

Hope this helps.

David P. Butler Vice President, Broker Relations

Does the program work in San Antonio , TX area??? - Posted by Jon

Posted by Jon on February 26, 2000 at 23:36:38:

My friend and I are wondering how effective the CS program is with bad credit? Also if the program has been tried by any one in the San Antonio area? Any advice will be greatly apperciated. Thank you!!!