Does Wholesaling Real Estate Work in YOUR Market?


In real estate investing, people constantly are looking for reasons why something won’t work. The good news is: Wholesaling - buying low and selling high - works.

Wholesaling works in my market, your market, and every other market.

In fact, wholesaling is the least risky way for a beginning investor to make a profit.

>>> Does Wholesaling Real Estate Work in My Market?

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I agreed with your thougts…


Jeanne is right.
In fact, wholesaling, or buy low - sell high is the basic principle by which our economic system works. For real estate, using leverage - or other people’s money - makes wholesaling a very low-risk method of getting into real estate investing. I have personally wholesaled single-family, condos and even mortgages with $0 of my own money.
After all, wholesaling is basically what real estate brokers do every day when locking up a property on a 6-month exclusive listing agreement. The only difference is that you’re the principal in the transaction and don’t need a real estate license.

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