Donald Trump's Co., giving talk in my area - Posted by REI_Newbie

Posted by Bob Smith on June 01, 2007 at 13:53:13:

His dad wasn’t merely wealthy. He taught Donald the business, which is invaluable. He also gave Donald the names of, and introductions to, the right people in the NYC bureacracy to get things done. If you have any idea how awful NYC is to developers, you know how powerful an advantage that is.

Donald Trump’s Co., giving talk in my area - Posted by REI_Newbie

Posted by REI_Newbie on May 30, 2007 at 24:48:26:


I have been seeing Donald Trump giving an infomercial the past few days. 10 years ago I would not imagine he would be in the type of business offering home study course.

One thing I that makes me think Donald Trump’s company is more straightforward than the other promoter’s is that he shows in small print in his infomercial stating he will be selling courses and workshops. I have not seen another guru do that in a infomercial.

I will be going to the introductory workshop because it is Donald Trump’s company. I will get to find out if it is any different than everyone else’s.

I imagine Donald Trump being one of the richest men in the country he would have the resources to create the best product and services. I also imagined if I became one of his successful students, it might enable me to meet him and travel in his circles. But I think I maybe dreaming and out of reality on this:-)lol

I was wondering if anyone here attended a workshop by Donald Trump’s company? If so, I would love to know what you thought of it. Even if I hear a bad review I will still go. Just to see what Donald Trump put together.

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Posted by RR on June 01, 2007 at 14:23:05:

Trump strikes me as one of those people with confidence to the point of it being a personality flaw. Too much confidence leads to cockiness, and then you get blinded to the arguments of naysayers and end up making bad decisions sometimes. Maybe whoever the apprentice turns out to be can help Trump turn things around.

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Posted by Sean on May 30, 2007 at 08:28:50:

Can’t say I have, but keep in mind a few things…

  1. Trump had a very rich Daddy who gave him a lot of money to get started. (he didn’t start with nothing)

  2. He did the classic thing of overextending himself during his build up phase, and nearly went bankrupt. In fact the only reason he didn’t default was because his father again stepped in and gave him an illegal $3 million injection by buying $3 million in chips at one of Trump Jrs casinos and walking out the door with them… (An illegal cash infusion that Daddy eventually paid about 50k in fines for doing), but it did save Trump Jr. from complete collapse.

I am not anti-Trump, but just keep these things in mind. Trump is a far better marketer IMHO than a straight up businessman.

I haven’t seen his courses, heard his commercials. I wouldn’t put extra credibility in something just because Trump’s name is on it, in a condo perhaps, but not on a home study real estate course.

Just my .02 cents.

I would agree he had wealthy father - Posted by REI_Newbie

Posted by REI_Newbie on May 30, 2007 at 09:49:51:

I would agree he had a wealthy father. I agree you cant say something is better because he is putting his name on it.

If we do get his program or mentoring service, obviously we are not learning directly from him. From what you guys have said about him extending himself and his father bailing him out. It makes me feel glad that he wont be teaching the course directly. I see other gurus like Robert Allen and Russ Whitney not teaching their courses direclty also.

So, there definately does not seem anything wrong with Trump not teaching directly. In his case it would be a plus:-)

So, I need to see if Trump hired good people to teach his program and to see how well he set it up. I guess in regards to business he has his strengths as well as his weakness. His strength is that he has made his name a brand name.

Right now, he is the first billionaire to be offering home study courses and selling in an infomercial and giving seminars from what I have seen. I thought the wealthiest people would never do this.

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Re: Donald Trump’s Co., giving talk in my area - Posted by lukeNC

Posted by lukeNC on May 30, 2007 at 08:44:54:

I didnt know about the chips thing…but he did have very wealthy father.

I read his “art of the deal” book and he talked about hiring all these attorneys to draw up the contracts and architects to draw up plans for his buildings when he was first starting out. I always wondered, now how did he get the money to pay all these professionals to do these things with no money? Ah, yes…rich dad…

Re: Donald Trump’s Co., giving talk in my area - Posted by Sean

Posted by Sean on June 04, 2007 at 07:23:20:

Trump not only had a rich father, his father made his money building lower end housing in NYC his entire life. He was connected to everyone he needed to be connected to through his father before he ever did a single deal.

I am not anti trump, but I just want people to realize, Trump is a great marketer… he plays incredibly loose with the facts when he’s self promoting. If you only read his “Art of the Comeback” you’d never know his dad had any hand in helping him not collapse. I don’t begrudge Trump for what he did to get through that tough time, but that very important tidbit is completely ignored.

Personally I just wouldn’t put any more defacto faith in a seminar on Real Estate (particularly residential real estate, which is what most folks start in) just because its gots Trump name on it, than I would anyone elses.