"Don't Let You Steal Your Dreams" - Posted by JA-FL

Posted by woody on December 03, 1999 at 23:59:55:

I have been following this site for 6 months and am nearing the point of my own leap into the pool. I purchased CS “No Down Payment” in April, studied it and have been doing research since. I found this site, and the knowledgeable folks here that are willing to share their experiences and mistakes with us fledglings are truly a gift. It is a unique group of people that are so passionate about this subject that they want to draw others so they may also succeed. To each and everyone of you I send a heartfelt thanks, and you know who you are. I will be attending the Convention and hope to meet some of you and absorb some of the passion that you exude on this site. Thank you for an excellent well thought out post JA.

“Don’t Let You Steal Your Dreams” - Posted by JA-FL

Posted by JA-FL on December 02, 1999 at 06:50:08:

If any one steals your dreams of investing in Real Estate it ultimately will be you! Gurus like John T. Reed who do tend to project a negative out look on whats out there and the “Rosy” everything is perfect and you can make a million tomorrow with my system, Gurus, are not the real R.E. Investment day to day world. That real world, where the rubber meets the road, is YOU!

Look at most of the comments here and in the real world. They made it because they got out and made it work themselves! and they learned mainly as they went along, even and sometimes mostly, from their own mistakes! Self ingenuity, is what makes the American free enterprize system really work.

The Gurus of this life are a source of information, both good and bad. Its up to you to pick what is useful to you and discard the rest. Some seem to have gotten to where they believe their own press releases. But, if you don’t find out as much as you can of whats out there, you don’t have much of a chance of making an informed decision, do you?

We also, agree a good REIA is normally worth more than all the Gurus put together. But,how do you know which is which? Consider the old saying “When ever something sounds to be too good to be true, it usually is”.

Where to start without spending a lot of money. If you need information on one aspect or another, you can usually get it by joining a good REIA close to you and ask for it! Most members are willing to give a lot of free advice. Some REIAs have libraries where you can check out and read background materials. Look on web sites like this one especially, and others who have a lot of input for good ideas and sell products at reasonable prices that will give you the info to get started. This and others have many free articles that you can down load. Invest some time and some money to get the basics and move on from there. Just don’t quit or get discouraged, because of your own natural fear of the unknown and a few bumps along the way. As Nike says “Just Do It”. There are a lot of people out there that will help you if you just give them the chance. Just use reasonable care and precaution when you decide which ones to believe.

People you don’t like, can give you useful information. Its up to you what you do with it!