Duct Cleaning questions - Posted by Joe

Posted by Travis (Dallas) on May 23, 2002 at 14:33:23:

In our area we find a very wide range of services.

The carpet cleaners/duct cleaners charge a small amount and usually have a portable cleaner that can only reach a part of the ducts. They are not usually licensed to clean the air conditioning/heating equipment (evaporator coil, blower section, etc.) They charge $9-$15 per vent and it might take them about one hour.
The best Indoor Air Quality companies are licensed as mechanical contractors that can clean the air conditioning/heating equipment and use large truck or trailer mounted high velocity vacuums. They use a full source removal process and are NADCA (National Air Duct Cleaning Assoc.) certified and follow EPA rules. They might charge $35-$50 per vent plus a fee to clean the air handler and it may take them all day to do the job.
You can also check www.EPA.gov for what you might want to do.
Good luck.

Duct Cleaning questions - Posted by Joe

Posted by Joe on May 23, 2002 at 13:46:55:

I have searched the archives for “duct/ cleaning” but didn’t find much helpful info. After calling around it appears that the average price for duct cleaning in the Maryland area
for a 14 vent + dryer vent is in the $250 ~ $500 range.

The guy who charges $500 says he uses brush / snake
and also does conventional vacuuming from the basement furnace. He also stated “if you find a cleaner who does not clean it using the brush, you’re just wasting your money”.
Is this true?

I’m thinking of going with USA Air Duct cleaning which charges only $200ish. Is this too cheap?

$550 is a good deal according to me for the whole cleaning work, duct cleaners have charged fair for their service.