dumping a house - Posted by Qstaff

Posted by Qstaff on August 11, 2003 at 19:45:52:

Okay, I have a house I refinanced a few years ago–I squeezed the equity right out and spent the money on all sorts of good things. Now, which is my best option for this house? I was thinking a lease option. The problem is the monthly is high due to my mortgage. Folks are sort of poor in this neck of the woods–they’ll buy it for an inflated price as long as the monthly is good. Should I refinance again with an ARM to get lower payments and better cash flow? Should my company buy the house from me on a mortgage I create then sell? This is an area I’m still vague on–or should I do a subject to–but I’m not keen on switching the title with the loan still in my name. I must be missing something. Help!