Ed and Terry Atlanta workshop what do we need? - Posted by billT

Posted by Mark R in KCMO on May 16, 1999 at 21:16:30:


There is no questions that your workshop was worth every penny and then some. (Yes, I attended last years workshop).

With the information that I recieved in this workshop, We (a rehab partner & I) were able to do a refi on a rehab property 80% cash out.

The property is located out of state for me, local for my partner.

The banker is more than happy to do as many of these as we can find! (Oh we did all the paperwork by mail).

We are in the process of developing an extra lot that we purchased with the home, we split it off and had it rezoned for mobiles and going to place a home on the lot and the banker is more than happy to fund the whole deal.

I can’t tell you what the return is on this project because we have none of our own money in the project right now.

Thanks again to you Ed, and Terry for taking me to the next level!

Mark R in KCMO

Ed and Terry Atlanta workshop what do we need? - Posted by billT

Posted by billT on May 15, 1999 at 22:20:53:

Can’t wait til the workshop but need to know what you want us to bring. Do we need a financial statement or a credit report. What about deals we are considering. The people I have talked to that attended last year indicate it changed their whole way of investing. I want to be one of those success stories. Hope to hear from you soon.

Re: Ed and Terry Atlanta workshop what do we need? - Posted by Ed Garcia

Posted by Ed Garcia on May 16, 1999 at 01:46:19:


You don?t need to bring anything, just yourself.
If you would like, you can bring a tape recorder.

Thank you for the nice comment of what the others had to say about
the work shop Terry and I did in Saint Louis.

We got lucky in Saint Louis. We had a group of go getters that made us
look good. And I plan to let our new group know what happened in
Saint Louis. I want them to feel the magic, the inspiration, the
enthusiasm. I want them to know that the group before them set standards
for them to follow.

Can they do it?

BET Meeee

They?ll do it.

The people that went to Saint Louis were special to me. I?m still in
contact with many of them. They give Terry and I credit for touching
their lives, little do they know how they touched ours.

There was a lot of electricity in those 3 days in Saint Louis. As a matter of
fact it caused a power shortage. No kidding , there really was a power
Shortage. Ok, Ok, a power line broke.

But there was a lot of energy in Saint Louis.

When I think back, what happened in Saint Louis, was magical,
without meaning to, we took everybody out of their comfort zone.

This time we mean to.

I guess this is as good as time as any to thank those of you that
inquired about the Atlanta workshop.

The workshop sold out a long time ago, but I told Terry that I felt we
could increase the size of the workshop because of the system that
we are using in our mentoring.

The problem in increasing the size is not the workshop it?s self, but
the mentoring. To individually help each person can be very demanding.
We structure deals and tailor financing to each individual for 3 months.

In Saint Louis, our first success story was a guy you folks know as
the BAZE.
His real name is Tom Bazley. Tom was a excellent student. Tom was a
good listener, and in the few months that Tom was involved with the
workshop, Tom bought 2 houses.
Tom and I were actually working on the first one before the workshop.
I believe Tom made a little over $50,000 on those two houses.

This workshop has already started. The individual I believe to
replace Tom, goes by the name of Peggy Reicher. Peggy with a little luck
should have her deal done before June 4th. For Peggy, it won?t be her
first deal by any stretch of the imagination . But Peggy was getting that
old story of, you have too many properties. Well to make a long story
short, if it goes the way we plan it, Peggy will be buying the deal were
working on now with 100% financing none owner occupied.

Just thought I?d throw that in there to give you something to think about.

Right now my goal is to bond with the people that are coming to Atlanta.
I will make it my personal goal to bring out their inner strength, that will
take them to their own new heights.

But for me, every thing will be measured in success stories.
Not for the success of the story, but for that person telling the story.

Ed Garcia

Awwwww, shucks Ed . . . - Posted by The Baze

Posted by The Baze on May 17, 1999 at 17:36:59:

. . . I’m turning all red here. Whaddya mean someone’s replacing me? I guess I need to get off my duff and put some more deals together now that I can’t use tax season as an excuse. Only done 2 so far in '99. Tell Peggy I’m BACK IN THE GAME BABY!

Tom Bazley