Ed - Becoming a hardmoney lender - Posted by Tim

Posted by Ed Garcia on December 18, 2000 at 10:01:52:


Feel free to call me at (909) 944-0199 and we can talk.

Ed Garcia

Ed - Becoming a hardmoney lender - Posted by Tim

Posted by Tim on December 17, 2000 at 18:26:55:

Dear Ed,

I couldn’t find anywhere else to post/email you directly. I have read several times that you are planning some sort of organization/web/discussion group/etc. for hard money lender sources.

I/we would like to be added to you list. (as a money source)

After being a Mortgage Broker for several years I started purchasing distressed realestate. and have been successfully investing for over four years.

This past year I have “teamed up” with people who have found deals but need financing.

The challange I have, and hope you will address in your hardmoney “list/org…?”, is that MOST of the deals presented to me are put together so poorly (some are even illegal) that I either have to train/retrain the person (which usually means I have to do it myself) and get the deal restructured or simply reject what could have been a good deal.

I also read your comments abour geographical location. I mostly do business in UT but have invested in other states and, as long as the state’s laws are favorable AND the “due dilligence” is complete we have no problem with it.

We are private individuals who have been on both sides of the table and know the in’s and out’s and can make “miracles” happen (just about).

I am considering buying and reviewing each of the popular courses so that I will know what the “investor” does or does not understand, but, this will be quite an undertaking.

I look forward to you’re new project! If these problems are addressed… count me in!

Tim Ramsey
Property Rescue L.C.

Re: Ed - Becoming a hardmoney lender - Posted by robert grossman

Posted by robert grossman on January 27, 2001 at 14:40:03:


Just noticed this e-mail… We are mortgage providers for commercial ( and residential hardmoney) We too would like to participate in your program.

Our loans range from a minimum of $250,000 in the metro-new york area to any size project.

Please contact us so that we can participate in your program.

Robert Grossman
E-Hardmoney, Inc