ED, NEED PREAPPROVAL , PLEASE HELP!!!!! - Posted by Steffie

Posted by Ed Garcia on March 08, 2002 at 11:22:33:


Fell free to call me at (909) 944-0199.

Till then,

Ed Garcia


Posted by Steffie on March 07, 2002 at 16:23:27:

Hello Mr.Garcia,
I wrote you not to long ago about getting financing for a 4-plex as investment property.(ED,CAN I BUY A FOURPLEX???) I really appreciate the good advice you gave me as far as educating myself on structuring deals.I have been reading all of the financing posts in the archives.

Yesterday I checked my credit report from the three major credit agencies and my FICO score is between 665-682. It has improved a great deal. My debt-ratio is down as well. I want to get prequalified for 90%financing on properties ranging from 100,000 to 145,000 in the Texas area, but I am concerned about two many credit inquires. I have worked hard to get my credit score up.

Mr.Garcia would you be able to help? I want to start off with a good lender(preferably you)and that prequalification will give me the extra confidence I need to demand/negotiate prices on my first deal. I know you hear this a thousand times…I really want to do this.

Thank you in advance