Ed, Question About Owner Finance? - Posted by Gerald

Posted by Michael Morrongiello on February 13, 2001 at 17:32:43:

Just because the owner is willing to carry back a portion of your sales price in the form of a smaller subordinate 2nd lien does not absolve you from putting at risk a cash down payment on your behalf.

Given your credit scores, It very well may be feasible to obtain 100% financing on this rental investment home purchase, however it all likelihood, the lender if they make such a loan will charge you an “off market” interest rate and want to limit their exposure to somewhere around 80% - 85%.

If you have the cash to put down, (like 5% or more), then it might make sense to see how motivated and flexible this seller really is?

You can ask them to carry back (2) two mortgages and notes. An 80% LTV 1st lien, along with a smaller 10% -15% +/- 2nd lien. The 1st lien can then be converted into CASH through the owner SELLING it at the time of closing.

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Michael Morrongiello

Ed, Question About Owner Finance? - Posted by Gerald

Posted by Gerald on February 13, 2001 at 13:25:52:


I have found a duplex, owner is willing to take back a small (10%) second on. The bld. is a 2 unit. price is 70000. Rent is 450/unit. Good area by a college. My credit is 748.

My question is regarding how to do this. Don’t most banks want the down money to be out of your pocket? Actually I have been using a mort. broker. Is there a way to structure this so that they won’t mind me having a second. I have the money to put down, but if owner is willin to help, I might as well let him.