Equity financing available for all commercial & residential real estate assets in canada

One of our Equity Investors in Canada has raised $68.45 million for ​JV Development Fund IV.

We are currently seeking joint venture development opportunities across real estate asset classes in major markets throughout Canada.

We providing flexible equity solutions to developers at various stages of a project’s life cycle. Below are the basic investment parameters:

Investment Amount
Minimum of $2,000,000 to a maximum of $15,000,000.

Well-located real estate throughout Canada in both primary and strong secondary markets.

Developer Experience:
Track record of success in the development field, with specific experience in the asset class and geographic market in which the development is planned.

Asset Class:
Various commercial and residential asset classes, including:

Low, mid and high rise residential (both for-sale and for-rent)
Retail, industrial and office (both ground-up and value-add opportunities)
Senior housing (both for-sale and for-rent)
Student housing​

Project Status:
They will generally invest in development opportunities at the time of land acquisition, often without zoning approvals or pre-sales/pre-leasing in place.

Joint Venture Structure
Our Equity Investor provides flexible equity solutions to developers by way of traditional joint ventures, preferred equity and other hybrid structures.

We also provide Debt,Equity,JV Equity Mezz,Bridge Loans,Preferred Equity for all Commercial Properties across ALL States in the US. If you have any project seeking any kind of funding kindly send us your Executive Summary for review:Email: c,e,o,megainternationalfinacial@gmail.com