Errors and Omissions Insurance - Posted by Clint Votruba

Posted by Tim on May 06, 1999 at 17:27:47:

Errors & Ommissions (E&O) is insurance for damages to a customer/client of an individual or company providing a professional service. The classic example of E&O is medical malpractice insurance.

You would be interested if the architect has E&O for say the following example. Architect provides plans for the building of your structure. Due to a negligent error in the plans, you need to tear down the structure and start over at a large cost. His E&O policy would pick up the cost to defend him against your allegation of the negligent act and to pay the judgement if he loses. E&O WILL NOT generally pay for a bodily injury (Say the badly designed building falls down and kills somebody. The exception being medical malpractice insurance.) Architect also has general liability coverage in the even of Bodily Injury.

You may be interested if the contractor has E&O if he is providing any service for you, say determining the presence of pollution on you property, carrying out inspections, etc.


Errors and Omissions Insurance - Posted by Clint Votruba

Posted by Clint Votruba on May 06, 1999 at 17:06:32:

The Builder promises most all kinds of insurance but
doesn’t mentions errors and omissions insurance.
Can someone tell me the concept behind this type of insurance and why I would want the
to have it?
The Builder’s insurance agent says
the builder and subcontractor does not need
Errors and Omissions because they create a product and therefore needs general liability
an Architect does need Errors and Omissions
Any ideas or comments would be appreciated.
Thank you for all your help.
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