escape?? - Posted by NANCY

Posted by Mark-NC on September 06, 2001 at 15:12:55:

One of the reason the city inspectors will not give you an answer on how it needs to be fixed is because they are not quailified professionally to do so.

I am surprised that they didn’t tell you that you would have to have an engineer look at it to determine what needed to be done.

Even a home inspector could not legally give you that information unless they were an engineer.

Not knowing what you are into it for I really can’t advise you what to do one way or another. But If it originally looked like a good deal, try getting an engineer out there and see what can be done. Then determine if it is worth it or not to close the deal.


escape?? - Posted by NANCY

Posted by NANCY on September 06, 2001 at 14:49:20:

I am in the process of purchasing my first rehab.

Think I made a mistake…

The foundation of the home is in question and I cannot get any solid answers from the City Inspectors as to what they want done in order to pass inspection. On top of this - they HATE the house…told me it should be torn down. I can just imagine what kind of grief they will give me when I need them to approve the work!!

I have already signed off on the contingency based on an estimate for foundation repair I received ($2500) - I was later told that the cost could inflate to $20K depending on the seriousness of the problem (to be determined after meeting with city inspectors) who won’t meet with me until AFTER I close on the house!!

Should have had the house professionaly inspected.

Am about to back out of the deal and lose my $500 good faith $$.

Lesson learned - how can I better protect myself in the future?