Estoppels - Posted by Sean

Posted by Michael Morrongiello on June 10, 1999 at 23:19:21:

The instrument does not need to say ESTOPPEL in it. The content however is very important. Essentially you want to have the party being “estopped” to verify balances. interest rates, payment amounts, due dates, and most importanly that the instrument is curent with no defaults, defenses, or offsets to future payments.

I am more than happy to provide you with a sample format.

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Estoppels - Posted by Sean

Posted by Sean on June 10, 1999 at 17:40:36:

I understand the importance of an estoppel letter, but I am unsure how to put one together. Does form matter? Does it need to explicitly state that it’s an estoppel somewhere?

If anyone has a copy of the text of an actual estoppel or knows where I can get one, let me know. Thanks.