European Mobile Homes!!!!!!!!!!!! - Posted by Ryan_MO

Posted by Greg Meade on October 15, 2003 at 07:08:46:

was like a cross between a mobile and a houseboat! cool…have a daughter in germany and she cant get over how clean it is there. sent me phtos of mobile home parks…trees are planted in perfect rows…unbelievable! Have you seen any MHP,s there? Thank you ryan…good luck in your studies!

European Mobile Homes!!! - Posted by Ryan_MO

Posted by Ryan_MO on October 13, 2003 at 12:13:08:

Hey guys what happenin, greetings form the other side of the Atlantic. In all of my academic travels this semester, I have had the oportunity to see some really sweet things, such as a trailer park along a babbling stream at the foot of a snowy peak in northern Luxembourg, or floating trailers in the canals of Amsterdam!!!

Whats really cool is the campgrounds here consist of 10x40 trailers, if that, and actual camping spaces. Its like they are a mix of trailer parks and a real campground. Kinda cool.

Anyways Im getting retarded and hungry. Acadamia is kicking my butt. I want a kebab.

If any of you guys wanna see pictures of any of these humble european abodes, just drop me a line.