Ever bought a child support Judgment? - Posted by JD

Posted by chris on January 15, 2000 at 07:00:45:


I have no experience with this, but I am curious.

Since the CSEU is ineffective in getting this judgment paid what did they tell her they would do if she sold it to you? It sounds like they are just giving yes or no answers without detail.

Have you considered drafting a letter for the woman, having her sign it and sending it to the CSEU. The letter would explain that she is interested in selling the judgement,etc. The letter would explain to the CSEU that unless they can provide specific regulations as to why this sale could not occur that the sale will go forth. Give them a response time to reply. Detail in the letter the inability of the CSEU to obtain the money for this woman.

If they do reply you will have some detail to work with. If not, you could use this as proof that you have tried to reach a reasonable solution unsuccessfully. If the CSEU tried to take this to court at least you have a paper trail showing that you were trying to work with them.

Just some suggestions that you may want to bounce off your attorney.

-Good Luck, Chris

Ever bought a child support Judgment? - Posted by JD

Posted by JD on January 14, 2000 at 23:16:59:

I have purchased Judgments from individuals, small companies, large companies, Lawyers, Insurance Companies, Hospitals and HOA’s. Some companies have a general policy of not selling Judgments, that’s fine, I respect their right to have such a policy. I have never gone though as much grief with the purchase of a Judgment as I have this week trying to purchase a Judgment from a woman that has an $8,000 Judgment against her ex for unpaid child support. The woman lives out of State, and would be thrilled to sell me this old Judgment for the $4,000 I offered her. I would collect by foreclosing on the ex’s abandoned house. The fact that she lives out of State, is not sophistocated with regard to Real Estate, and does not wish to antagonize the ex spouse, prevent her from taking this action herself, but she is fine with me doing the foreclosure. The probablity of her recieving much money in the future from the ex is slim, so it is a win-win situation (I am only interested in buying the Judgment amount = the default amount, not any future payments which might be due her.)

However, she has depended on the local (Colroado) Child Support Enforcement Unit (CSEU) to represent her with regard to collection, and is quite intimidated by them. Even though the she is listed as the only Judgment creditor, the CSEU is telling her in no uncertain terms that she can not sell me the Judgment. I have tried to talk to the CSEU representatives that told her this, but they refused to talk to me, and even instructed the receptionist to call the police if I persisted with the matter. I tried to call the CSEU Attorney, but they refused to even allow me to leave a message for him. I’m told by my lawyer that even local lawyers get similar treatment from the people at the CSEU. The CSEU has no direct financial interest in this Judgment. There are only two things which could prompt such behavior from the CSEU 1. there is a special law which specifically prevents the sale of such a Judgment (possible but unlikely) but they do not what that law is. 2. They are bunch of ignorant, self serving, governmental parasites (likely). Anyone have any similar experiences? And what did you do?