Eviction! Help quick! - Posted by Bill Taylor

Posted by Jacque - WA on February 04, 2002 at 14:33:29:


Mr. Tax auction sales man whatcha doin on the mobile home board (good advice by the way) …getting interested in these money making deals aren’t you : ) LOL

By the way…I’m still waiting on my “coach.”

Jacque - WA

Eviction! Help quick! - Posted by Bill Taylor

Posted by Bill Taylor on February 03, 2002 at 20:44:52:

I have a mobile that I sold on contract. The buyer put jsut 500 down and the first month, well here we are the first month and no payment. My plan is to file for eviction tomorrow. We hold the proeprty in a corporation. Do I need an attourney or can I do this in small claims? Any suggestions here. She is already 10 days late and I feel no more time is warranted.

Re: Eviction! Help quick! - Posted by Ron

Posted by Ron on February 04, 2002 at 20:34:02:

Hi Bill,

It’s more than likely too late on the contract your speaking about, but in the future, have it in your contract that the payment is due on such and such date and when that date comes due and the payments hasn’t been made, then add a $25.00 late fee plus $5.00 each day thereafter until paid in full. If and when a buyer becomes 30 days late, start your proceedings then and get them out as soon as possible.

In Kansas we have strict guidelines regarding this and must comply with the U.C.C. I turn mine over to our Attorney, his fee is $250.00 and it takes right around 45 to 60 days to cure and in the meantime your without the income but can get a judgement for monies owed. I sort of laugh at the latter, heck, they owed me money in the beginning, I’m quite sure I’m not going to get any when it’s over.

Just my two cents worth,



Re: Eviction! Help quick! - Posted by Tom (IL)

Posted by Tom (IL) on February 04, 2002 at 09:06:16:

You may know this, but in Lonnie’s book, Making Money on Mobile Homes, he talks about setting up a late fee schedule. Something like 5 days late = $25 late fee plus $2/day penalty. He said you actually want them to be late. However, he said, if they are late to the point where the next month has rolled around, take action. I think you need to put this in the agreement up front so it may be too late for this deal. Not sure.

Attorney is needed… - Posted by JT-IN

Posted by JT-IN on February 03, 2002 at 22:28:10:


I think that an Atty is needed in Indiana, when a Corp is filing suit. 90% sure, but not 100%…

You may negotiate with an Atty, saying you will prepare and file the papers, and he goes to court, for $ XX dollars. If you have someone that knows you, and appreciates your experience, they may go for this proposal. I have been able to do it this way once before, and it wasn’t necessary to go to court after all, so I saved the money…

Good luck on it.