Eviction in Virginia - Posted by Beth

Posted by Lonnie on October 14, 2003 at 20:50:02:

Hi Beth,
Go to your Clerk of Court and take out a warrant in Detinue. Name all parties on your promissory note. And to be safe, include, ?and all others occupying home?. Get the earliest court date you can. Take all your paper work, but especially the ORIGINAL copy of your promissory note. That?s normally the only thing the judge asks for.

If they haven?t vacated by the time the judge grants you possession, you will need to file a ?Writ of Possession? which gives them 72 hours to vacate. If they still haven?t vacated, the Sheriff will schedule a time to meet you at the home and move them out.

Good luck,


Eviction in Virginia - Posted by Beth

Posted by Beth on October 14, 2003 at 20:31:47:

Would someone please tell me how to evict my MH buyer? She has just been put in jail on felony charges w/out bail. I only know that she’s in jail from the 11:00 news. Nice, huh? What do I do with her things? Her young daughter’s things are there, too. I’m sure her daughter is in foster care. She has been current with her payments until this month. She has not paid her October payment- due on the 5th. I have no idea if I should wait to see what will happen to her, or if I should start some sort of proceedings now. Her name is on the title - I’m listed as lien holder.
Thanks very much for any advice.
p.s. I think I’ll use a p.o. box from now on - she knows my address.