Ex-husband on Deed...Won't sign off!!! - Posted by Mike (MI)

Posted by qstaff on August 18, 2003 at 20:58:06:

Yes, most likely there is–particularly if there are child support payments involved, but I think you’ll need an attorney and I think it may take a little time.

Ex-husband on Deed…Won’t sign off!!! - Posted by Mike (MI)

Posted by Mike (MI) on August 18, 2003 at 20:21:01:

Help!! I am targeting foreclosures. A lady called me who is in the redemption period (ends Oct. 24th). The redemption amount is $92K. Comps are at 130-140K. I can basically get the property for 3-5K to her and flip it to a qualified buyer for $120K(quick sale).
Problem. The ex-husband never signed a quit claim deed after the divorce (4 years ago). What can we do? Is there any way to get the dead beat dad (owes 25K in child support) off the deed?
Joe Kaiser…if your out there. I have your course, but this nuance is not covered. Any ideas???
Thanks in advance,

Re: Ex-husband on Deed…Won’t sign off!!! - Posted by TKP, Houston

Posted by TKP, Houston on August 19, 2003 at 24:33:14:

Mike, I suggest you contact the ex-husband. He might need money and might be willing to sell his interest - whatever it may be - for a small amount, and give you a quit claim. Tie up the deal with the lady first, of course. Make it clear to the ex husband that the property is in foreclosure and that if you do not take over the property he will never get anything out of it.
Good luck! TKP, Houston

Re: Ex-husband on Deed…Won’t sign off!!! - Posted by Joe Kaiser

Posted by Joe Kaiser on August 18, 2003 at 21:56:55:

Do you know this is a problem? Who got the house in the divorce?

In my state, there’s no need for an ex to quit claim anything as
the divorce decree governs title interests.

Check there first, but keep your findings to yourself . . .
bargaining chip could prove valuable later on.