Expired Listings? - Posted by David

Posted by Mark-NC on June 20, 1999 at 11:12:13:

I deal with alot of realtors in my real estate deals and it has been my experiance that they will not give you that information unless you have been working with one particular realtor and have done a few transactions with them. They may give up that information but not usually. You have to consider that if some one walks in the realtors office and asks for that information on a home that is expired, what motivation would they have to give it to you, they have allready spent time and money on the listing and now they will be giving away information to a potetial buyer that is going to try to get around the commision.

Expired Listings? - Posted by David

Posted by David on June 20, 1999 at 10:18:04:

Hi folks,
First, thanks for previous responses. I feel I’m close to getting that first deal. I am taking some steps to make it happen.
Now the question: Can I just walk into a real estate office and ask for the expired listings? (Ok I know I can, will they give them to me )?
Also, will the list I get be all expired from MLS or just their office?


Re: Expired Listings? - Posted by Brad

Posted by Brad on June 20, 1999 at 12:02:18:

I ran into that problem when I first started. I had one realtor that told me that in thier company, there really weren’t any expired listings, because they almost always re-listed or they were sold. She then tried to tell me about a company called Rex-all that was like the one I was just leaving as far as structuring. I really hated to let her go the first time I met her, but come on, no matter how nice you are, you are not going patronize me becasue of my age, or because I told you that I am new in Real Estate Investing. ( I am 21) So, after I made my very first deal with the realtor that I work with now, he does ANYTHING that I ask, because I paid him a bonus, I make offers quickly, and I work just as hard as he does when there is something that he wants me to take a look at. I have him check the hotsheet twice a day, and he gets back to me right away, because he knows now that I am serious. I am still new, but if I don’t like a realtor, or they don’t understand what I am doing, then I move on. I have been through SEVERAL already, mostly beacuse they just don’t take me seriously. Sorry, 1 mistake and you are out. Don’t have time. I am not kocky ( I know that is spelled wrong, but the editor found the text to be “offensive” when I spelled it with a “c”) , I just play hard. That’s my take on realtors.

Re: Expired Listings? - Posted by WilliamGA

Posted by WilliamGA on June 20, 1999 at 11:30:26:


In my experience with the agent that I work with, I have found that once they know that you WILL buy from them if they have something you are interested in, they will tell you about the expired listings. In fact, the realtor I am working with GIVES me a copy of the MLS book so I can follow up with them myself.

I, like you, have yet to do a deal yet. So I am certainly no expert like others here are. But with the help of a agent who is familiar with creative financing and is willing to help, it is bound to expidite the process.

Good luck,