expired listings - Posted by jkf

Posted by JX on March 06, 2002 at 12:45:02:

Hi jkf,

You know these houses that are owned by military personnel and have relocated elsewhere? FIND THEM! If these houses have been on the market for 5 months or more, FIND THEM! They are motivated sellers and sometimes are not able to afford to have more than 2 homes. How do you find these people? Go into the tax rolls and find the names of the owners. You can call your county office and ask them how you may do so. Then pick up the phone and call these sellers. Trouble finding them? Call information. Don’t write a letter. Picking up the phone and calling people is far more efficient than writing a lame letter that could be mistaken for junk mail. What if these people are unlisted? Hire a private eye to track these people down if the house is a good lead. Unless they’re hiding from the law or do not want to be found, a private eye is able to tap into the internet and find these people instantly. They charge a minimal fee, but first things first, FIND THESE SELLERS. From there, formulate many different solutions to get rid of their houses for them and start making money right away. Cheers!


expired listings - Posted by jkf

Posted by jkf on March 06, 2002 at 08:54:24:

Good morning, I know of several houses in my neiborhood that have been listed for about 5 months. Most of the the owners are military that have relocated. How do I go about finding soon to be “expired listings” or listings that have already expired? I am confident that at least one of the sellers will be motivated enough to do a subject to or lease option. Thanks

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Posted by Bernard Collier on March 10, 2002 at 01:42:33:

It depends n where you are at. Property ownership is public information ans be gotten at the courthouse. Some places are online. Realtors get a list everyday that tells them them which listing have expired. Maybe if you establish a relationship with one they will pass the info to you. I suggest a small kickback for that, it ensures they will always supply it in leau of their normal commission.
Just curious, what military town are you at?