F/U to Clinton's Landlord friendly epoxy floor. - Posted by Auctioneer

Posted by Auctioneer on May 06, 2011 at 19:13:44:

I had decided to try Clinton’s idea in a 1987 MH that I moved onto one of my MHP lots. My motive here is to get lot rent rolling and if I happen to make something Lonnie style that is icing on the cake.

I had purchased 10 sheets of Luan and the 2 part epoxy garage floor paint w/ flakes for the kitchen, bath and hall/laundry combo area per Clinton’s instruction. But then looking for an inexpensive laminate flooring for the balance of the SW MH, I ran across a place in Dalton GA that sold me Unmarked and Uncut Pergo sheets (40 inch x 8 ft) for $8 per sheet. It is not T&G but it worked wonderfully and looks fantastic. We used Liquid nail subfloor glue and tiny paneling finish nails in the corners and one in the center edge of each side (6 nails per sheet). A nail set worked perfect and a touch of brown silicone caulk touched up the holes as well as the butt joints.

I returned the Luan and paint to the HD. I decided this product would take some kitchen and bath abuse and if need be at a future date we could score the laminate in the kit and bath and paint with the two part epoxy at that time. It seems to be very water resistant as well. We used 28 sheets for the entire 14x70.

I doubt I can use this flooring on my nicer rental properties but my maintenance guy suggests we use it as a wainscoating on the walls with a chair rail. He says that when he has to repaint entire houses it is the lower wall section that gets the abuse. So I may try this on the next rental and report back.

My area has been pretty well ravaged with tornados. Fortunately, I sustained nothing more than missing and broken roof shingles, missing siding and a couple of awning type back porches missing.

Have a great weekend everyone!