Feel Good Story: Happy w/o Making a Dime!! - Posted by GregNorman

Posted by JohnG on April 02, 2000 at 22:29:08:

What goes around comes around.

I have seen it so many times - when we do something just for the sake of being nice and doing a favor without expecting any thing in return, then it comes back many times over.

I firmly believe that the prosperity that we attract to ourselves is in direct proportion to the service that we provide - and lots of times it may not even show up on that particular deal. I would not be surprised that because of your generosity and the spirit in which you extended yourself in this instance that you will just happen upon a deal or two in the future that can be traced back to this deal.

I say you have earned a great big paycheck on this transaction - you just haven’t received it yet. Keep your eyes and ears open - it’ll show up soon !!!

Feel Good Story: Happy w/o Making a Dime!! - Posted by GregNorman

Posted by GregNorman on April 02, 2000 at 20:52:45:

I figured I would share a good story:

I got a call a couple of months ago from a guy who wanted to sell his home. He told me the address and I realized it was about 2 blocks away from where I lived. It was the exact same model as mine. He said he wanted $130k for the home. Things in the area are going for about $165k. He was really against a lease option and didn’t want to bother with a straight option. He wanted to sell it at a good price but he didn’t want to fix the place up or have people going through his house all the time as if he listed it (that’s why he didn’t want to do the option thing). Just wanted to sell it with no hassles. I’m thinking… what a shame. The house has new windows, new roof, new a/c, newer furnace and stove, but just looked like a dump (outdated kitchen, carpet was ancient, needed to be painted, and the guy didn’t have a light bulb above 25w in the whole house… seriously).

But I started telling some of my friends about it and a couple in my bible study said they loved my house and it would be great to live in the neighborhood. I told them that if they were serious and could honestly buy a house that needed some work, I would call the owner. They thought on it a couple of days and called me back and said they were serious. So I called the owner back and said I may have someone who was interested and if it was OK if they saw the place. After a little bit of complaining he decided it was OK this once (he was a little embarrassed by the home).

Well, they closed last Friday. I now have some really good friends who live right down the street and my wife has an additional walking buddy (to add to the others in the neighborhood). This couple is as happy as can be, the owner was very happy, and I’m happy even though I didn’t make a dime (although I hope to at least get a dinner out of it).

By the way, in between the contract signing and the closing, the house next door to their new home went on the market. When passing by one day, my friends talked to the folks who were looking to sell the home. After some chit-chat, they told them that within one week of putting it on the market they had received two offers on the home for $167k and $168k (same model).

So real estate is not only nice when it does put money in your pocket, it can be nice when it doesn’t!