Financing for Foreign National - Posted by P.K. Hanson

Posted by Carmen_FL on February 10, 2000 at 21:08:51:

Find another mortgage broker. As them specifically about financing a foreign national. I know lenders here in Florida who can finance a foreign national with 20-30% down (no social security). At 20%, they ask for some documentation (e.g. bank statements, verification of employment from foreign country, etc.) With 30% down, all they ask is your name. The rates are very competitive, though - almost better than for the “regular” loans, from what I’ve seen with some lenders. I just went through this with one of my clients, and found 4 brokers who all said they could do it. One had an adjustable rate starting at 4.25% (or so she claims) with 25% down.

If you don’t find a broker who can do this for you, I can ask the ones I know if they work outside of Florida. E-mail me. But I have to believe that these programs are nationwide.

Saludos, Carmen

Financing for Foreign National - Posted by P.K. Hanson

Posted by P.K. Hanson on February 10, 2000 at 17:10:22:

Can anyone steer me to a lender that will deal with a foreigner? I’m a W-8 status. I do not receive income from this country. I have no credit in the USA aside from the utilities bill and what I pay to my landlord.

I have $180,000 in cash in my company checking & brokerage account. Of which I like to use about 30K-40K for a down payment on a property not to exceed $170,000 here in Hawaii.

I’ve talked to a few broker here in Hawaii, but they need a green card and social security etc.

Any help would be appreciated.