Financing question - commercial or hard money?

We own SFHs in AL and MS and a 4-plex in CA.

Q1: is it true that one can only get a commercial loan with at least a 5-unit building? The number of SFHs won’t matter.

Q2: we own everything free and clear.

Q3: would a hard money lender take a portfolio or would recording xx deeds of trust be insanely expensive? Just wondering if there might be a clever alternative. For example, as we have no intention to default, me might sign over the properties to a lender who in turn uses a good PM. There will be repairs but we have that covered with good properties and a high cash reserve.

Realtors - there will be excellent ones out there, no doubt. But when we called around to find one in a small town,we wouldn’t even get some call back with suggested prices for a listing.

Which makes us wonder whether to dump the properties at a huge loss or get a loan and let a pro handle the management?


P.S.: Signing over everything with the clause that upon repayment, we will get it back.

This might work - as xx 1st Deed of Trusts sounds like a nightmare.

We have a good PM in Jackson, MS. The house has been rented to the same tenant for years @ $ 920 gross. Tax’s $ 1,075 and we put on a new roof and paid $ 3,500 fora new aircon. 1,7xx ft, 3 BR. Remodeled with all new main drains. Well, my PM wants to buy the place for < $ 40 k. Excluding the roof and aircon jobs, the annual net return after PM fees has been > $ 8,500 for years. The records a all electronic.

Selling in a hurry - not sure if we would find a buyer?