Find Notes in Golf courses - Posted by DaviGOR

Posted by John (OR) on November 05, 2004 at 12:19:23:

Creative idea. Not sure if the target market will see it. The costs look
low so you could try it and then measure the results.

BTW - Some folks who hold a note do not recognize that word ‘note’ as
what they are holding. Even when you say ‘mortgage that you own’ they
will sometimes say that they do not owe any money on their house.

It might pay to work on the wording before committing it to a bench.
Or it might be a better test to rent more then one bench and see which
one pulls in the responses you want.

The secret with direct response advertising is being able to test various
pitches and to measure the specific results (quantity, quality, repeat
business, etc).


Find Notes in Golf courses - Posted by DaviGOR

Posted by DaviGOR on September 20, 2004 at 20:08:39:

Has anyone or might one recommend advertising to buy notes on golf courses (benches and/or tee markers)?

It costs $450/year for a bench beside the tee-off and this nice and popular course has over 100000 rounds per year (their stats).

Is that inexpensive enough?

I haven’t advertised for notes before - would as simple sign work? “We buy Notes, Mortgages, Trust Deeds, Liens
Call Now 555-1212”

Recommend or not?