FINDING flip deals - Posted by tarun(DC/Maryland)

Posted by tarun(DC/Maryland) on January 28, 1999 at 17:35:37:

For the past few weeks, I have been calling a lot of “I buy” guys from the newspaper to develop my investor database. Some of these guys also have properties for sale and I usually ask them to fax me the deals they have for sale. These deals vary from being retail properties to wholesale properties. Is it wise to make offers on the wholesale properties faxed to me by “I buy” guys and then reflip them to other investors, who want to take over the rehab project.
Is it better to find flip deals by placing my own “I buy” ads in the paper or contacting the owners of “beat up” properties directly.

Also, a lot of the vacant properties that I find in my area(washington DC) are bank owned properties and therefore dealing with a private owner of a vacant property(which is what I prefer) is tough. In this case, should I just move on until I find a private individual to deal with or should I go ahead and make offers to the bank.

Any comments would greatly be apprecaited.