Finding Mentor not hard if you work at it - Posted by Desmond Tx

Posted by Desmond Tx on June 20, 2000 at 20:39:17:

Your right maybe one day we should all get together and start having brain storming sessions. I had a great day today most of the realtors that I had been calling and bugging all week have started calling me back. One example is I had this real estate agent call me back today and asked if I was still interested in the property I had mentioned to him. Oh the joy I felt when I told him that I was not only interested but had already submitted my bid/proposal he asked who I was using and I was able to tell him “That’s not important the important thing is she realizes she works for me and not a commission check”. Needless to say I do not think I will be hearing from him again nor would I want to. Well if all goes well with this deal and I pray it will. I will then ask my agent if she would be interested taking a few more of us under her wing or if she would even mind letting me set up a dinner so that we can all get together and kinda pick her brain. I figure the worst she can say is no though I doubt she would do that. Afterall a steady flow of little deals is surely better than just one big deal.

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Finding Mentor not hard if you work at it - Posted by Desmond Tx

Posted by Desmond Tx on June 19, 2000 at 18:46:58:

Well here’s my story hope it inspires some of you to just dive right in. Well I started out by reading the book Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki. Then I read all of his books next I wanted to try to get into real estate but had no clue how to do it. I started out by calling dang near every realtor in my area because I had found what I believed to be a truly great piece of property. Well every one of them would start by telling me you can’t do that. So to that I would simply ask the question and how many pieces of property do you own? Sounds mean but guess what most of them did not own any investment property. So just always remember if they are not investors themselves do you really want to take advice from them. I kept calling till finally I was getting sick of talking to most of these guys. Well persistance pays off I finally gave up trying to call my way to wealth and decided to start looking up who seems to be gobbling up most of the real estate in my area.Once I found out who was buying up most of the real estate I looked up if he/she still owned it. He/she didn’t and the last sale price on these homes was always greater than what she had paid for them. Well guess what it just so happens she’s a real estate agent and investor. So I gave her a call and told her my recent rash of problems with most of these real estate agents I had spoken to this week and last. She gave me a great piece of information that even though they may be working for me they still want their commission checks. It seems that me wanting to offer much less than the asking price would cut into their commission. Well she offered to sit and talk with me. I went in spoke to her and told her what I was planning to start doing. She was great and has offered to coach me thru my first few deals. (for a commission of course) She even helped me to make my first offer on that home I had been eyeing. Good realtors are out there just remember to do your homework and find the one that will work hard for you even when those commission checks are going to be small.

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Posted by Zulema on June 19, 2000 at 20:24:53:

Hello Desmond, I remember reading another one of your posts and you mentioned that you’re from San Antonio. I ,too, am very much a newbie and I live in San Antonio. I am a school teacher and I’m very much interested in creative real estate investing. I’m particularly interested in flipping properties. But, I suffer from analysis paralysis; in other words, the whole thing just scares me. Anyway I took the initiative today and made a few calls to investors that place WE BUY HOMES ads in the paper. I’m trying to create a buyers list. I only made a few calls but I did find three that would be interested in having a purchase contract assigned to them. One investor didn’t know what I was talking about. I ,also, did some farming and found a few homes with FSB0 signs and plan to call them later this evening or in the morning. I just wanted to share with you that you and I are basically in the same boat. Zulema

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Posted by George on June 19, 2000 at 21:35:17:

Hello Desmond Tx and Zulema, I also am finding it hard to find an agent to work with.I’ve called some agents and they all but burst out laughing.I thought that since i did remodeling it would be easy to find them,fix them and sell them or just flip them.WRONG and the few investors i called they want to keep everything they know a secret.But i’m still going to keep right on plugging along in the right direction and i’ll get there.Maybe some day we can get together and swap ideas.We need an investors club here in town.Well enough crying and more reading.I wish you both all they luck in the world and as my son says stay(FOCUSED) can e-mail me @ George