Finding Motivated sellers for lease option - Posted by Bill

Posted by Bill K. - FL on May 18, 2000 at 07:37:41:

Good post Lori,
BTW instead of calling, check out that way you don’t have to wait for a list.

Finding Motivated sellers for lease option - Posted by Bill

Posted by Bill on May 17, 2000 at 23:00:50:

Hi, I am a newbie, I have been studing about Lease Option and as we all no advertising and marketing your business is just as important as anything else so my questions to all is how would I go about finding motivated sellers in my town that might be willing to do a lease option deal do I advertise in the newpaper or call on all FSBO, in my area you hardly ever see anyone putting an ad in the paper saying they would sell their home on a lease otpion so I really am confuse about how to look for motivated sellers right now I am in no financial situation to be able to afford a course so I have to get the help of others if anyone can give me some suggestions on how to find sellers I would appreciate it very much thank YOu all in advance.

Re:There are 6 good ways to Finding Motivated sellers for lease option - Posted by Lori Samson

Posted by Lori Samson on May 18, 2000 at 02:34:59:

I specialize in lease options and we have six main ways to locate. First, you may need to realize that most of the sellers are not in the motivated catagory. They are willing to do a deal with you if you can negotiate it well but they are usually not desperate.

  1. Newpaper ads- rentals first if it’s high rents. These where probablly offered for sale and didn’t sell and now they are willing to lease it as a last resort. Then the ‘for sale’ section
  2. Drive-bys - finding the FSBO’s and any For Lease homes
  3. Run an AD-“I’ll lease your house if you give me the option to buy”
  4. Call any of the companies like’BUY OWNER’ that are helping the seller sell the house themselves. Get the print outs of listings. These are a terrible deal to the seller.
  5. Call mortgage companies and ask if they have any clients that can’t close on their new house because the old house hasn’t sold yet. Tell them you can help.
  6. Expired listings from a SWEET AGENT who will give you the printout.
    All these things can help you locate. Put a sign on your car that says, “We buy houses at full price FAST” That’s what we have on our cars. You can read about the benefites to buyers and sellers at our website learn the benefits by heart so that you can overcome an objection quickly and you will have more deals negotiated. I can’t stress enough that you have to know the benefits to both sides because every objection is a fear and if you can educate them, they won’t have a fear/objection. This is what I teach to all the people who locate properties for us. When ever they are having trouble negotiating a deal I can listen for a few minutes and tell that they are not overcoming their fears with educating them on the benefits. Good luck! Lori