Finding parks and PM - Posted by Mark K

Posted by The55+GuyFromAZ on October 20, 2003 at 10:45:47:

I know this will sound self-serving (except to those who truely know) but you need to dig into the archives and read everything posted on the 55+ topic by “Chuck (AZ)”.

Don’t let the fact that your in Florida throw you off… there are more mobile home parks there than in any other state… and I’m told the bulk of them are 55+.

Finding parks and PM - Posted by Mark K

Posted by Mark K on October 20, 2003 at 06:36:52:

Guys, this is going to sound bad. I am in florida with so many mobile home parks its ridiculous. So, Sat. morning I went out to meet PM’s I drove my newer car and I wore kachi (beige) pants and a polo shirt. I actually met one park manager and I told her I buy and finance MH she said so do I. Dead end. I did find another park but the PM was out. One problem is most of the parks are 55+ and I am barele 30+. Can I deal in those kind of parks?

My other question is do your guys have more success using the DOW approach of …find a home then goto park manager and say your are financing the buyer if that is allowed in the park?, or just find the PM and tell them what you do? I do not want to appraoch the PM in manner that could back fire later on.
please advise