finding those lost cost MHs to invest in

So I am new to this forum and MH investing. My question is where are you finding those $1,000 trailers to invest in??

any help will be appreciated,

Lots of us were there

This is normal for newbie looking over the Lonnie business so don’t sweat it.

Suggest you make a list of the MHPs in your area and drive around and do some looking and talking to park mgrs to get some idea what’s going on in those parks.

And don’t quit when you find a real negative mgr who wants nothing to do with you or any Lonnie investor and tries to tell you there’s no opps in his park.

Just move on to another park and doing this you will find some opportunities.

We all run into both kinds and have learned to just shrug off the negos.

Good hunting!

Like John says,
Check out the MHPs. Everything depends on so many factors e.g. motivation(s) of Park manager(s), location of home, age, size, condition of home, motivation of sellers, availability of buyers, knowledge of the business, people who know you and call you first, etc.

Hit us up again with questions after you have read DOW and spoken to people in the parks.