first flip possibility -- help! - Posted by Lisa

Posted by Lisa on February 16, 2000 at 12:46:30:

I’m meeting with an owner tomorrow. Property has been in his family since 1941. Been vacant since October.
2 family house. 2bed/1bed. On a so-so street but in a pretty hot part of town where things are moving pretty fast. He didn’t want to work with a broker – wanted to know if I had a license (I don’t). I don’t think I want to live here (I’m looking for a place for my self) but think it has flip potential. I said if I didn’t want to live here we might be able to work out something else. How do I present this to him? Do I? He’s open, but cautious. The price is a wee bit high but I think I could get him down a bit (don’t laugh – he’s asking $369 – this isn’t wild for this neck of the woods). A nice thing for me is that he lives a distance away and getting here to show the property has been a problem for him. Any suggestions on approach/presentation? Thanks, Lisa