First Lonnie Deal? - Posted by Jason

Posted by Tony-VA on March 09, 2000 at 20:33:03:

Especially if this is your first deal, pass. Moving, in my opinion, should be done as a last resort and only if the deal really has a strong cash upside to it. You should be able to buy that same home in a park all set up for less than $2k.

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First Lonnie Deal? - Posted by Jason

Posted by Jason on March 09, 2000 at 19:54:34:

I found a mobile home that a guy is wanting to sell for $2,000 it’s a 1976 12’x65’. The only catch is it has to be moved off his property so he can get a new one. He seems pretty motivated. I have never moved a mobile home before, and was wondering if it would be worth pursuing. Or should I just pass, and look for homes already set up in parks? Any opinions? Thanks


Re: First Lonnie Deal? - Posted by Ben in Ohio

Posted by Ben in Ohio on March 10, 2000 at 07:07:48:

I have never dne a MH deal, but it sounds interesting. THe seller obviously knows the cost and hassle of moving the trailer. If he is buying new then this one has to go eventually, “Mr. Jones, if you don’t sell this what are you going to do with it when the new one arrives?”

Maybe call a local MH dealer and ask advice for moving, set up, etc.?? I don’t know, but it looks like you have a somewhat motivated seller. Find out why he wants a new one. Maybe the old one needs major repairs or something.