First Seminar - Posted by cal

Posted by ann on January 28, 2002 at 17:17:03:

SEMINARS, usually are a waste of money…THE CRE convention will not be a waste of time. Sure they sell books and courses, why wouldn’t they. We all need to learn more so we can earn more. I know of an investor who went last year and LOVED it. If I happen to find the money, I am going to the convention in Atlanta this year. Did not go last year and should have…really should have. Heard sooooo many positive comments on the convention.

If your partner won’t go…leave him or her at home and get your butt to the convention…second thought… I just may get there after all…might have to steal the money…:slight_smile:


First Seminar - Posted by cal

Posted by cal on January 28, 2002 at 14:09:32:

I just took my first 3-day seminar this past weekend. It was expensive and I felt not worth the money I paid. What they taught could have been done in 1 day, the rest of the time was spent telling stories which didn’t pertain to the subject matter. It was a primary training class, covering the various aspects of real estate investing. I had wanted to spend the money going to the convention in Atlanta, but my partner felt this would be the better thing to do. Now I am leary about spending anymore money on further training or attending the convention. Time at this seminar was spent trying to get you to buy more classes/workshops. The trainer kept saying, “this will be covered in more depth in our … workshop.” How can you be sure your money is going to be well spent and worth the investment in various classes/resources, etc.?