Flipping -- Finding Wholesale Investors - Posted by Nate in DC

Posted by Jim IL on March 12, 1999 at 24:21:37:

I too had a similair experience.
I did call all the ads saying, “We buy houses CASH” and got a few buyers.
I wanted more, so I ran my own ad looking for them.
It read like this:
Do you buy homes for CASH?
If so call
Investors and Wholesalers Welcomed

From that ad I got TONS of calls. Most were tire kickers, and other were guys like me looking for a deal.
But, I also got 7 qualified buyers with CASH and/or credit lines, and the buying criteria they use.
So, now I’m trying to make deals to “flip” to them.
Try it, and tun it for a week or every Sunday for a month. It won’t cost much and when you “flip” just one, the ad payed for itself for years.
Just my $.02

Flipping – Finding Wholesale Investors - Posted by Nate in DC

Posted by Nate in DC on March 11, 1999 at 23:25:29:

A question about finding wholesale rehabbers/investors to flip contracts to when properties need rehab.

In her article on this site Jackie Lange suggests looking for “We Buy Houses” ads. My experience here in DC is that the two people who are always advertising in that section of the paper, in fact also put a lot of their deals in the for-sale section of the paper still needing rehab, but typically with owner financing.

My question is, since these folks don’t seem to be rehabbers, are they likely to be one step “up” the chain from me (and thus a potential purchaser of my flips) or roughly at the same level (and thus a potential COMPETITOR)?

Re: Flipping – Finding Wholesale Investors - Posted by Rod (DC)

Posted by Rod (DC) on March 12, 1999 at 10:05:16:


I am also flipping in DC. I suggest running an ad in the Wash Post. "Fixer Upper, Cheap, Cash 202-XXX-XXXX.

Some of those ads you see are people who are flipping also, call them up and find out for sure and see what they are looking for. You will find a few rehabbers. I placed that same ad and developed a list of about 25 investors, some serious others not so serious. If you have any questions send me an email (flipdat1@aol.com).