Flipping Mentor - Posted by Rich


Posted by JohnBoy on January 16, 1999 at 18:56:12:

You could try running a generic ad in the newspaper.

Handyman Special! Priced WAY BELOW market
for FAST SALE! First all CASH offer takes
it! Call xxx-xxxx

When they call you say, sorry but I just sold that one. But I usually come up with properties like this all the time. What type of properties do you normally buy? What areas do you usually buy in? What price ranges do you buy? When I come up with another one, would you like me to give you a call?

Try running the ad one day in Sunday’s paper. Turn on your phone machine and let the messages fill up on it. Then figure out everything you want to go over on and build your list of pre-qualified cash buyers.


Flipping Mentor - Posted by Rich

Posted by Rich on January 16, 1999 at 11:08:05:

I am an investor in the Philadelphia area. I have 9 properties in my portfolio now. I have done all kinds of creative purchases and refinances and even some paper brokering. However, I can not seem to find the nack for wholesale flips. I have called some of the “I buy houses” adds. No one seems to be real high on the idea. What is the best way to advertise for my buyer first and then go about finding the houses they are looking for?