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Posted by Redline on May 28, 1999 at 14:54:09:

The second part of your question is true - technically all you’ll be doing is tying the property up with a contract. You’ll then find another investor to buy the property from you - and you keep the difference. He’ll be doing to paying for the property and the fixup - you’re in essence just getting a finders fee.

Now, there are issues - like you should be sure the person you’ll be flipping to can/will close the deal (because you’re on the hook from the original contract and so you’re responsible.) For the same reason, once you’ve assigned the deal (using an assignment doc) make sure and have the sellers sign a separate document stating that they accept the new buyer and hold you harmless.

Also, you may have to do a “simulataneous close” instead of an assign because the person you’re flipping to doesn’t know you and won’t want to pay you UNTIL he closes on the property. A little more involved and it costs a little more but can certainly still be worth it.

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flipping - Posted by D.J.MacGown

Posted by D.J.MacGown on May 28, 1999 at 14:22:19:

This is not quite clear to me yet(yeah I’m new)
I’m planning on flipping handyman properties. When doing this do I have to go the whole 9 yards making the offer,securing financing,getting qualified(I also have bad credit)waiting for my offer to be accepted or can I just go out find the bargains write up a purchase agreement and the investor who offers to pay more than I did worries about the money,getting qualified,the offer being accepted ect.
I’ve read all the how to articles but i,m still not totally clear on how this works. Thank you