Flipping - Posted by Natalie

Posted by Michael on January 17, 2000 at 15:21:54:

Hi I am interested in the answer to this as well…I am in the same situation (in Birmingham)

Flipping - Posted by Natalie

Posted by Natalie on January 17, 2000 at 14:33:45:

Hello Everyone,

Hope your holidays were great. It’s nose to the grindstone now for me, and I’m getting ready to go out into the real world and get going. Not having any experience whatsoever, I feel lost as how to properly conduct my first deal. I have no money - so it HAS to be a no money down deal. I was told that the easier way to start is by flipping properties. But - how is the step by step process of getting a deal done? I need someone to walk me bit by bit - all the way up to closure. Whoever is willing to offer me this help I will not only be immensely grateful to - I am also willing to split my profits 50 - 50. And if that person who is willing to help me is a rehabber too - well, you know your profits will be good - your own plus 50% of mine. If not, that’s fine too. I just need lots of help and understanding!!! Please come to the rescue!!!

I still have no title company and no lawyer in mind that I could use. But I guess that’s part of the step-by-step process you’d need to guide me through.

By the way, I live in Atlanta.

Thank you in advance.


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